About Us

Unimec is a global manufacturer of precision screw jacks, bevel gear reducers and mechanical speed modulators.

We chose a different path from our very first day back in 1981, distancing ourselves from the globalization trend that was emerging and focusing on a completely “Made in Unimec” production. Today, we manufacture the world’s largest range of superb-quality screw jacks and bevel gear reducers.

We have perfected and safeguarded our manufacturing process, and in most cases designed from scratch the unique tools and technologies we use to make our products. This gives us an unsurpassable advantage in the industry and enables us to form an in-depth, almost visceral knowledge of our products: At least 80% of the components used in a Unimec product are proprietary and fully manufactured in-house.

Our manufacturing headquarters in Milan, Italy extends over three seamlessly connected buildings, comprising an area of over 250,000 square feet — approximately five football fields. Inside, an army of latest generation multi-axis CNC machines, robotic-arm feeders, custom mills, lathes, gear-cutting machines, broaching machines, rolling machines, and orbital and tangential threading machines, never stop working to bring our products to life. A fully appointed metrological lab and two custom simulation machines — capable of replicating real-world applications — complete the manufacturing and quality process while providing vital feedback to our engineering and R&D departments.

At Unimec, along with our uncompromising professional values and workplace ethics, we firmly believe in the concept of Ars Mechanica — a Latin term meaning “mechanical art” — that is a testament to the innate sense of beauty in our unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship in all our products.